About UNTUpper Nazareth is a second class township located in Northampton County. It is a suburban community of 7.99 square miles. Conveniently located close to many wonderful shopping centers and malls, as well as Historic Nazareth and Bethlehem, we have a good balance of industrial and residential properties throughout the Township. Upper Nazareth Township has almost doubled, having grown from 3,414 persons in 1990 to 6,231 persons in 2010, and is continuing to grow.

The history of Upper Nazareth Township begins with the Township originally being a part of the Barony of Nazareth, a parcel of land consisting of 25,000 acres, which William Penn had created and pledged to his daughter Letitia in 1682. This land area was a part of Bucks County until 1752, when Northampton County was established. Upper Nazareth was a part of Bethlehem Township until 1788, when Nazareth separated from Bethlehem Township and was divided into Upper and Lower Nazareth Townships. The central area of Upper Nazareth Township separated via a petition and became the Borough of Nazareth on November 27, 1858. The boundaries of Upper Nazareth remained unchanged until December 3, 1948, when on petition of a majority of freeholders, the Borough Council of Nazareth ordained the annexation of portions of Upper Nazareth Township chiefly in the western part of what is today the Borough of Nazareth. Upper Nazareth Township boundaries have remained the same since that change in 1948.

We hope you enjoy living in Upper Nazareth Township. If we can be of service to you, contact us in person at the Township Building (to see the boundaries of Upper Nazareth Township, please click here).

  • Main Number 610-759-5341
  • Manager –  Extension 203
  • Secretary  –  Extension 202
  • Treasurer  – Extension 205
  • Zoning Officer –  Extension 204
  • Municipal Clerk - Extension 206