Resident Information

Moving Permits
  • Any citizen moving in, out, or within Upper Nazareth Township must obtain a moving permit in order to comply with the Code of Ordinances Adopted and Revised 6/16/2021.
  • The Upper Nazareth Township office should be notified of any changes in occupancy.
  • The required information for a moving permit is the names of all residents in the household, occupation, address moved from, address moved to, phone numbers where you can be contacted and date moved.
  • The fee is $10.00
  • Moving Permit Form – Please include self addressed stamped envelope with check when mailing permit Click here for the Moving Permit Form

  • Before doing any type of construction, you should contact the Zoning Officer to find out the current requirements. Regulations for the Uniform Construction Code are changing and updating all the time.
  • LandLord Ordinance
  • Before you Dig
    • PENNSYLVANIA ONE CALL SYSTEM, INC. (3 business days notice is the law)
    • 1-800-242-1776
  • Note to Residents…
  • All residential home improvement contractors are required to be licensed by the state. It is recommended that you ask your home improvement contractor for their state certification number.
  • It is also your responsibility to check property/lot deed restrictions before signing permit applications.
For more information on permits, please contact the Upper Nazareth Township Building, 100 Newport Ave, Nazareth, PA 18064, (610)759-5341

School Districts
  • Nazareth Area School District – 610-759-1170

Voter Information
  • Please call Northampton County Elections Office at 610-559-3055 for information on registering.
  • Local Government Elections
  • Voting Districts
    • Eastern District: Nazareth Area Middle School, 94 Friedenstahl Avenue, Nazareth, PA 18064
    • Western District: 911 Complex – 500 Gracedale Ave, Nazareth, PA 18064. (610) 746-1900
Tax Information (Please see the Tax Info page under the Welcome tab on the home page for more information)
  • School and Township Real Estate Tax – Tracy Adamski, Tax Collector, 610-442-1653
  • Earned Income Tax and Local Services Tax – Keystone Collections Group – 1-888-519-3897
Complaints Volunteer Opportunities
  • Success of the Township government relies upon four components: elected leadership, volunteer assistance, staff implementation and citizen participation. As the Township’s governing board, the Board of Supervisors serves as its board of directors. it provides direction and focus to the Township and has responsibility for making policy decisions.
  • Volunteers provide advice to the Board of Supervisors and staff through a number of boards and commissions. Volunteers also provide an ongoing source of citizen input to Township policy and operational discussions. Our Boards and Commissions perform vital roles in making our democracy work at the community level.
  • By working with the Township and staff, board and commission members become familiar with the needs and problems of the community, and are given the chance to apply their own talents and experiences to improve the quality of life for the community. Membership is an opportunity for citizens to contribute and to make a difference.
Home Utilities and Services
  • Trash Collection
    • Upper Nazareth Township does not have its own municipal trash collection service. Residents may choose any trash hauler to collect their trash. It is recommended that you check with your neighbors to determine which trash haulers collect in your neighborhood. Prices may vary from hauler to hauler depending on the number of scheduled pick-ups per week.
Driver License Information
  • New PennDOT Driver License Center located at the 25th Street Shopping Center, 2473 Nazareth Road, Easton, PA
    • Hours of Operation: Tuesday through Saturday, 8:30 AM to 4:15 PM
    • PennDOT’s Customer Call Center phone number: 800-932-4600
    • Visit the website at
Athletic Associations
  • Softball, Football, Cheering, and Lacrosse – Clipper Organization
  • Soccer – Nazareth Soccer Club
  • Baseball – Nazareth Borough Recreation
  • Basketball – CBL Basketball
Memorial Library of Nazareth and Vicinty
  • Upper Nazareth Township is a participating member of the Memorial Library of Nazareth. The citizens of the Township are entitled to a free membership. You can contact the library at 610-759-4932 or visit them on the web at Memorial Library of Nazareth and Vicinty.