Trash & Recycling


Township residents are allowed to contract their own trash and recycling service with the hauler of their choice.
Haulers are required to collect both trash and recycling from a residence, recycling must be collected at least bi-weekly on the same schedule as trash pickup.
Upper Nazareth Township requires that our residents utilize the Township’s green and yellow recycling carts
provided thanks to a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection grant. All recyclables should be
placed inside the cart and there’s no need to sort them out separately, this method is known as single-stream recycling. These carts or toters are for recyclable materials only and cannot be used for trash. They are the property of Upper Nazareth Twp. and must stay with the house if you move.

CURBSIDE RECYCLING GUIDERecyclable materials that can go in your yellow and green cart include:
Glass Bottles & Jars
(NO Mirrors, drinking glasses, dishes, platters, cookware, bakeware, light bulbs, broken glass, etc.)
Plastics # 1-7
(NO Straws, plastic shopping bags, plastic video tapes or CDs, electronics, string lights, hangers, extension cords, any “tanglers”, Styrofoam, packing, peanuts, packaging, blister packaging, foods or liquids.)
Newsprint, Advertisements, Junk Mail, Paper-bound Catalogs and Phonebooks, Magazines
Office and Printer Paper, Folders, Envelopes
(NO Shredded paper or thermal receipts)
Corrugated Paper (Cardboard), Chipboard (Shoe and Cereal Boxes), Paper towel & Toilet Paper Rolls,
Empty Cartons
(NO Frozen food boxes, carpet rolls, or coated cardboard, soiled pizza boxes, paper plates or cups)
Aluminum Foil & Wrap (clean of food residue)
Aluminum Cans, Steel & Bi-metal Cans
(NO Scrap metal and Appliances)

Yard Waste FacilityUpper Nazareth Township Yard Waste Facility – Located at 155 Friedenstahl Ave opens on April 29, 2023 Per DEP grass clippings are no longer accepted at the Yard Waste Facility.
Yard Waste Facility is open on Wednesdays from 12 noon – 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

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Hauler List
Does the Township collect my trash?

No, at this point the Township does not have its own municipal trash collection service. Residents may choose any trash hauler to collect their trash. It is recommended that you check with your neighbors to determine which trash haulers collect in your neighborhood. Prices may vary from hauler to hauler depending on the number of scheduled pick-ups per week